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Salou Squid Gastronomic Days, with BusPlana

Salou Squid Gastronomic Days, with BusPlana

Once again this year, the most eagerly awaited gastronomic days of the town's restaurateurs are back in Salou: the Squid Gastronomic Days. This will be held from the 10th to the 26th of November in 14 restaurants of the town. The participant establishments will serve menus and tastings, with squid as the main product. Salou, considered the capital of Costa Dorada, is a key area for local cuisine. It has a wide variety of seafood, including squid, known for being a very versatile product, thanks to its texture and meatiness, and is used to prepare a wide variety of dishes, both traditional and innovative.    

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The origin of these traditional days  

These gastronomic days are a tribute to one of the region's most prized ingredient: squid. Salou, the beautiful coastal town on the Costa Dorada, has long been a popular destination for lovers of the beach and good food. The history of the Squid Gastronomic Days originated from the desire to highlight the large quantity of squid in the waters of the Mediterranean Sea, as well as the creativity of the local chefs in transforming this ingredient into delicious dishes.   

What are the Gastronomic Days about?  

The Squid Gastronomic Days focus on the creative cooking of this prized mollusc. During this period, the city of Salou is filled with a festive atmosphere and a sense of celebration in the air. 

The Squid Gastronomic Days of Salou not only highlights the excellence of the local food, but also promotes community and tourism in the region. As the event has evolved, along with the rest of the proposals, throughout the year, it has positioned Salou as a benchmark destination for food lovers and those who seek exceptional culinary experiences on Costa Dorada.    

Participating establishments  

In this edition, the participating establishments are as following: Cook and Travel, O Mar Restaurante, Deliranto, La Goleta, La Morera de Pablo y Ester, Asador Córcega Restaurante, Malapecora By Bandarra, La Taberna del Áncora, Moss, Huma, Restaurante Circus Beach, Olio, Castillo de Javier and Taverna El Totxo. 

Delicious Sea Delicacies   

The Squid Gastronomic Days are a renowned culinary event that attracts chefs and food lovers from all over the country. During this festival, local restaurants come together to create a variety of dishes that feature squid as its main ingredient. From grilled squid to squid stuffed with exquisite fillings, culinary creativity knows no bounds here. 

One of the most outstanding delicacies is "Calamar a la Romana", a traditional recipe that fuses crispy battered squid with a soft and tender interior. Accompanied by special sauces, this dish has become a favourite among visitors. And for those who look for a more exclusive experience, many restaurants offer "Calamar en su Tinta", a delicately prepared dish that combines the deep flavour of squid with a dark, enticing sauce.   

Also, one of the most outstanding main dishes is rice with squid. This traditional dish, each chef cooks it with his own magic, in his own way, making it a unique and incomparable experience in each restaurant.  

In the programme, you will find the menus, and their prices, offered by the different restaurants. The restaurants: Deliranto, La Goleta, La Taberna del Áncora, Moss, Huma, Olio and Taverna El Totxo, have a tasting menu, where you can taste, in a variety of formats, the exquisite squid. If you prefer a menu with a starter and main course, the rest of the restaurants have a menu available, and they are sure to leave you with an incredible taste in your mouth.    

Accompanying the menus, you will find a wide range of magnificent wines and cavas from Covides cooperative. Founded in the 1960s, with the union of farmers in the  Penedès area, it produced its first bottle of wine in 1984 and, a few years later, in 1987 its first bottle of cava. With more than 50 years of experience in the production of wine, it has received a list of awards from some of the most outstanding competitions as the International Wine Challenge, the China wine and spirits awards and the Decanter World Wine Awards. This drink is the perfect companion for this incredible event.    

Events related to the conference  

Along with the chefs, the fishermen are also protagonists of this festival, which is why, from the 20th to the 26th of November, the traditional Festa del Calamar (Squid Festival) is held. The aim of this event is to maintain the tradition of the town's fishing heritage. Professional fishermen, retired or amateur fishermen can take part, if they have the required equipment and boat.  

This is the 48th edition of Festa del Calamar. At the beginning of the festival, participants are given a gift as a thank you for their participation. At the end of the fishing day, i.e. 6 days later, the prizes will be awarded. The prizes will be 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the category of more than one crew member. There will also be a trophy for the largest squid and, finally, a trophy for the highest number of squid caught.    

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