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Make the most of the Cós Blanc Festival in Salou

Make the most of the Cós Blanc Festival in Salou

Salou is getting ready to live one of the most important dates on its calendar and one of the most eagerly awaited by residents and visitors alike. The streets will be filled, in a few days, with tons of confetti, the best hits of today's music and a great show of lights and colours, which will make a winter evening one of the most incredible of the year on Costa Dorada. This is the Cós Blanc festival, an event that brings together thousands of people, as part of the programming of the Winter Festival of Salou.   

From BusPlana, we want you to make the most of this great celebration. That's why we remind you that you have at your disposal schedules of our regular lines, to get to Salou, from towns like Tarragona, Vila-seca, Reus or Cambrils, among others. You can check all the information on our website. You can also travel at night with our night bus from Reus on weekends and on the eve of public holidays.   

Origin of the Cós Blanc  

Although the Salou Town Council took over the celebration of this event in 1995, it should be noted that its origin goes back years ago. Back in 1981, a festival committee began to give it its current format, creating a small parade where small newspaper clippings were thrown as confetti. Initially, this celebration began as a joke between friends who, at one point during the party, threw pieces of paper at each other.   

Every year, the number of people who visit this big party increases, and last year, 2023, there were more than 40,000 people attending. In addition, the organisation has around 3,000 people who are part of the thirty groups that parade during the day.   

The great Cós Blanc festival  

Many already know the voice of its speaker, Juanma Hidalgo, who, for almost 40 years, has been presenting and animating this great confetti parade, in which more than 25 tons of confetti are thrown, which turn into a magnificent rain of colours. In addition, the whole route has a spectacle of lights and colours that give a unique style to this celebration. In this edition, a total of 28 festive groups will take part, full of enthusiasm to spend an excellent afternoon of celebration.  

Until the last edition, the epicentre has been Carrer Ciutat de Reus, along with Carrer Barcelona, but, in this next edition 2024, a new route is planned for Passeig Jaume I, due to the growth of attendees in recent years. This coming Saturday, 3rd of February, at 7 p.m., don't miss this great confetti party.  

The expected route starts at Passeig Jaume I, where the Cós Blanc show will take place, following the route along Carrer Illes Balears, Carrer Major, Carrer Girona and ending at the starting point, Passeig Jaume I.   

To close this long-awaited day in the best possible way, from midnight onwards, you can enjoy the Grand Dance, with Montgrins Orchestra. The party, located in the Festa Major party tent on Passeig Jaume I, will be free of charge, but seating will be limited, so get there early so you don't miss it!   

The parade in the morning  

For those who prefer to enjoy the costumes of the groups in a more relaxed manner, a showcase parade of the floats takes place on this same Saturday morning, in which the prize for the best group, the best costume and the best float will be disputed.  

The route will be as follows: starting in Carrer Advocat Gallego, following Via Roma, Carrer Barcelona, Carrer Sínies, Carrer Ciutat de Reus, Via Roma and ending in Carrer Barcelona, up to Carrer Major. 

The Cós Blanc Xic'S, adapted for the little ones  

For the last few years, Salou has also been organising the Gran Festa del Cós Blanc Xic'S, a smaller event, adapted to the youngest members of the family, so that they too can enjoy this magnificent festival to the fullest. It will feature children's entertainment, performances, music and, above all, lots of confetti.  

In this edition we will be accompanied by the entertainer Pep Callau, who will surely make us all smile and enjoy a great family afternoon with his great performance. You can also enjoy the best music and a fun dance with the mascots of club Xic'S, Rocky and Confetina, accompanied by Pirata Dragut. To end this great party, we will also be visited by the "Grup de tabalets dels Diables de Salou".   

This year, it will take place, free of charge, in the Festa Major party tent, located on Passeig Jaume I (1st section), next Friday, 2nd of February. The doors will open at 5 p.m. and will remain open until full capacity is reached, so it is advisable to arrive on time.   

Also, on Saturday, 3rd of February, the little ones will be able to enjoy a day full of adventures accompanied by their families on Xic'S Day at the Fair. You'll find the Fair on Passeig Jaume I.   

You can also find other activities for the whole family to enjoy at the Salou Winter Festival, such as the Queen for Kids concert on Tuesday, 30th of January; Festa Major workshops on Wednesday, 31st of January; the Diver-Xic'S Zone on 1st and 2nd of February; and a whole day of fun activities on Monday, 5th of February.  

With BusPlana you can get to Salou comfortably and without worries, from places like Tarragona, Vila-seca La Pineda, Cambrils, Reus and Barcelona. On the other hand, if you arrive at Barcelona Airport, you can buy our official tickets to get to Costa Dorada. Also, remember that you can also travel at night with our night bus to Reus at weekends and on the eve of public holidays. Check all the schedules on our website


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