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World Recycling Day

Recycle today to improve everyone's future

World Recycling Day

Today, 17th May, we celebrate World Recycling Day, a date that reminds us of the great need and urgency to protect our planet. Recycling is the responsibility of all of us. Every gesture, no matter how small, helps to take care of our planet, so it is important to encourage recycling to new generations at early age, thus raising awareness of how positive it is to have a clean environment and moving towards a responsible society.

To promote a sustainable environment, we can follow the well-known rule of the three R's: Reduce the amount of waste, Reuse objects, thus extending their life as far as possible, and Recycle, reusing materials by manufacturing new objects.

At BusPlana we are aware of the great importance of recycling and environmental protection, which is why, during 2021, we have reduced, among other things, water consumption by 30% and electricity consumption by 6%. We monitor the consumption of our vehicles. Low-solvent paints have been used to reduce atmospheric emissions. To reduce our impact as much as possible, we buy only long-life tyres

In terms of reuse, some of our practices have been to reuse batteries and motor oil from decommissioned coaches. In the offices we reuse paper. We reuse materials that are in good condition, thus saving raw materials and CO₂ emissions.

Fluorescent tubes, for example, have been recycled by crushing glass and mercury dust that can be reused for new products, such as sandpaper. Among our 2022 sustainability plan objectives, we want to encourage the increased reuse of recovered elements and parts from unserviceable vehicles in the interventions we carry out in our workshops.

Among other measures, we separate waste according to their characteristics, depositing them in containers set up for this purpose, and all of them are managed by managers authorised by the Public Administration.

At BusPlana we are committed to sustainability and we want to promote a working policy where the reduction of the carbon footprint is a priority. In the same way, to encourage the use of transport method that generates fewer greenhouse gas emissions, BusPlana recommends citizens to use public transport to reduce the volume of emissions generated on our planet, offering a wide variety of routes along Costa Dorada, Costa del Garraf and Barcelona, as well as transfers from Barcelona airport and Reus airport. Travel in a sustainable way, check our schedules and routes on our website: www.empresaplana.com


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