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Curiosities about what you can discover in the Aquarium

Are you visiting the Aquarium? Don't miss any detail!

Curiosities about what you can discover in the Aquarium

Barcelona’s Aquarium is one of the largest and most important aquariums in Europe, and you can visit it with BusPlana's tour from Costa Dorada. Remember that at BusPlana we also offer transfers from Barcelona airport or Reus airport to the closest stop to your hotel or apartment on Costa Dorada. 

Before your visit to the Aquarium of Barcelona, you may want to know some curiosities about what you are going to find, so here are some of them: 

  • Sea breams start out as males in their first years of life and then become females, and they can live in almost fresh water as well as in very salty water. 
  • Stingrays, although they may appear harmless, deliver electric shocks to defend themselves, and also have bags of venom on their backs to pour on their enemies. 
  • Humboldt Penguins are a monogamous species, so when they find a partner, they will be together for life. When their chicks are 20 days old, they join with other young penguins and create nurseries while their parents forage for food. 
  • Starfish have no blood, they have a water vascular system that pumps salt water into their feeding tube. 
  • Seahorses can voluntarily change colour to camouflage themselves or to attract attention during courtship. In addition, their vision allows them to see what is in front of them and what is behind them, so they will never be caught by surprise. Unlike other species, it is the male that cares for and gives birth to its young
  • At the Aquarium you will see sea urchins, but they cannot see you, as they have no eyes, although they can see the light to find their way around. Some of them can live up to 100 years. 
  • Crabs shed their exoskeleton, during the process they are very vulnerable, as their new armour is delicate and soft, so they hide underground or among rocks. Unlike vertebrates, they have bluish blood. 
  • Bull sharks can live in rivers and lakes. Their skeleton is made of cartilage and not bones, unlike their teeth. The pups, from birth, must survive alone in calm waters while they develop, unlike other mother sharks, which always keep their young close by. Their skin is dark on top to camouflage them in the dark if they are seen from above, while on the underside their skin is light to camouflage them in the illumination of the water if they are seen from below. 

All these curiosities are nothing compared to what you can learn and observe at the Barcelona’s Aquarium, so if you want to know more about these species and many more, don't hesitate to book your tour with BusPlana here and have a great day with family or friends. Remember that as well as offering transfers at Barcelona El Prat airport and Reus airport, we provide services from/to Camp de Tarragona AVE station. The bus is the means of transport that generates the least greenhouse emissions, we encourage you to embrace sustainable and low-cost mobility.


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