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The Magic of Christmas at PortAventura World, with BusPlana

The Magic of Christmas at PortAventura World, with BusPlana

One of the most eagerly awaited and longed-for events of the year, Christmas, has arrived at PortAventura World. The park is dressed in white and is filled with joy, smiles and fun for families and for you. You will enjoy a magnificent day, getting on the rides and strolling through the streets of the largest amusement park on Costa Dorada, which will transport you into a fantastic world full of magic and where wishes can come true. Christmas at PortAventura World is a celebration that will delight people of all ages, from the youngest to the oldest, and you can celebrate it until the 7th of January, 2024.   

Don't worry about transport, if you are travelling from Tarragona, Vila-seca La Pineda, Cambrils, Salou, Barcelona or Barcelona Airport, BusPlana offers schedules of the regular lines to PortAventura, which you can check on our website and get there without worrying.   

What are the origins of Christmas?   

Christmas is one of the most celebrated festivities in the world. For Christians, this day is an emotional religious festivity; and for those who aren’t strong believers, the end of the year is a reason to celebrate and exchange gifts among loved ones. During this season, the streets are filled with sparkling lights, Christmas markets offer delicious sweets and gifts, and families gather to share special moments.   

The term "Christmas" comes from the Latin word "Nativitas", which means birth, referring to the birth of Jesus. In Spain, Christmas festivities begin on the 8th of December, the Day of the Immaculate Conception, with the decoration of trees and the setting up of nativity scenes. Christmas Eve (24th of December) and Christmas Day (25th of December) are times for sharing family dinners and gifts. In addition, Boxing Day (26th of December) and Day of ‘Santos Inocentes’ (Holy Inocents) (28th of December) add even more fun to the season.   

Christmas at PortAventura World   

PortAventura World is transformed into a magical place during Christmas. The theme park, which is normally known for its thrills and adventures, is dressed up with sparkling lights, special decorations and a warm spirit that will make you feel like you're in a fairy tale.   

Christmas shows   

During your visit to PortAventura World, don't miss the exciting Christmas shows.   


  • Grand Imperial Theatre becomes the magical home of Santa Claus. It is a show featuring acrobatic performances and incredible choreography, starring the helpers who make the toys for the little ones, which will delight the whole family.   

  • Have you ever seen a penguin? You must meet the cutest bird, the penguin Chilly Willy. You can find him in Plaza Imperial, installed in his ice house, along with his friends, and don't forget to take a photo with him as a souvenir!   

  • Let yourself be amazed by the most impressive bubble show. In Magic Temple, you will enjoy big, small, colourful figures and a thousand unimaginable shapes.   


  • If you are looking for a touch of humour and magic, Woody, the craziest bird, also celebrates Christmas. In Polynesian theatre, you can try to keep up with this character and his friends, who will dance to the best songs and show off their magnificent costumes.   

  • Discover the great skill of exotic birds from many different countries. Sit with your family in front of Makamanu stage where the presenter and his assistants will teach and explain everything about the species of PortAventura World.   

Far West   

  • In Stunt Show theatre, you can experience a Christmas story on ice. This show will leave you open-mouthed as you watch the best international skaters narrate a story based on spins, jumps and pirouettes.   

  • It seems that, this Christmas, Joe the chimney sweeper has fallen in love with Catherine. With the help of Santa Claus and a gnome magician, he will ask her out in the most original way possible. Do you want to see this show? Then you must go to Long Branch Saloon!   

  • Woody and Winnie have decorated their house with lots of lights and Christmas decorations, and they invite us to come in and discover all the surprises they have prepared for us. A Christmas stroll through Woody's House that, if you go with your family, you can't miss! 


  • Step into the magic as you stroll through the Enchanted Forest. This forest is the route that takes you to the home of the Three Wise Men and, if you pay close attention, you may even see fairies, gnomes, wizards and other magical beings!   

  • At La Cantina, you'll enjoy a Christmas musical show in true Mexican style, where the different artists will entertain you and introduce you to Mexican culture through music in such a fun way that you'll want to find out more!  

  • The intrepid Tadeo Jones comes to La Cantina with the most adventurous and exciting musical, together with his companions: La Momia, his dog Jeff, Jackham, his friend Sara Lavrof and his assistant, Tiffany Maze. Good music and the adrenaline of the show are guaranteed!   


  • For the youngest members of the family, PortAventura Park has a specially designed show in SésamoAventura. In this space, the most beloved Sesame Street® characters will make you laugh, sing and dance in a show full of fun and joy.   

  • In SésamoAventura, the little ones will learn the importance of caring for the environment, with a show starring one of their favourite characters, Òscar The Grouch and SésamoAventura characters.   

Parades and more   

At the end of the day, don't miss the Christmas Parade, in Mediterránea area. This parade full of music, colours and lights features all the characters and performers that make Christmas at PortAventura World truly magical.   

Plus, you won't want to miss the arrival of the royal emissaries, who will take your breath away with their mixture of fire, music, water and pyrotechnics. This unique experience is the perfect end to your day at PortAventura World over Christmas.   

So that you can spend a day of fun and joy, BusPlana offers our regular lines to PortAventura World from the towns of Tarragona, Vila-seca La Pineda, Cambrils, Salou, Barcelona and Barcelona Airport. You can check schedules on our website


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