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Celebrate one of the most magical nights of the year, Midsummer's Eve

Celebrate one of the most magical nights of the year, Midsummer's Eve

San Juan (Midsummer’s Eve) has a strong connection to past celebrations linked to the summer solstice, with strong influences from Christian ceremonies. One of the traditions of this night is jumping over the flames of the bonfire, as it is believed that they purify you, protect you from evil and give you good luck for the coming year.   

Among the many other customs typically performed, there is the belief in burning old belongings you want to get rid of, as in the case of students, who burn their notebooks and books. At the same time, people write their wishes on a piece of paper and burn them to help their most desired goals come true. For the adventurous, it is said that bathing in the sea at midnight purifies the body and eliminates bad energies.   

There are different towns on Costa Dorada, such as Tarragona, Vila-seca La Pineda, Cambrils, Salou, Reus or L'Ametlla de Mar, where you can enjoy live music, fireworks and the lighting of bonfires on the beach. Below, we will inform you about some locations where you can take advantage of this festive season to meet up with family and friends. From BusPlana, we offer regular lines schedules, which you can check on our website, to travel to all these towns. In addition, as we are the official airport shuttle service, you can buy the official tickets online for your transfer from Barcelona Airport to Costa Dorada.  

Tarragona, the epicentre of culture and tradition   

 On the night of 23rd to 24th June, Tarragona offers a wide variety of traditions, including the arrival of the Flama del Canigó, in the Serrallo; and the ‘Cercavila de Foc’, with the participation of the city's most outstanding popular fire elements, such as the Ball d'en Serrallonga, the Diables Voramar and the Víbria, which will walk along Rambla Nova; these events culminate with the lighting of the bonfire and street parties in the city's squares.   

 Vila-seca La Pineda, a Family-Friendly 

In Vila-seca La Pineda, a wide range of shows, such as the lighting of the bonfire, which takes place in the Castle gardens. Also, in this same place, the march of the Gegants will begin. In Plaça de l'Estudi, you can enjoy the dance of the popular entourage and the sardanas. To end the night, there will be a fireworks display on La Pineda beach.   

Salou, bonfires and music, all night long  

This Midsummer, Salou has plenty of entertainment and fun in store for you. The celebration will begin with the arrival of the Flama del Canigó, followed by the ‘Correfoc’, with Diables Maleïts, Bruixes Latemó, Xaloc and Morena de Salou. To conclude the evening, three bonfires will be lit on Llevant beach and Ponent beach, and to add colour to the evening, there will be a firework display. Throughout the night, you can also enjoy live music, with concerts and DJs, with a perfect atmosphere to spend one of the most magical eves of the year.  

 Experience the eve of Midsummer's Eve in Cambrils   

Get ready for a great night, Cambrils has planned several events, starting with the collection of the ‘foc de la flama’ from the Canigó, in Plaça de la Llibertat in Reus. Secondly, accompanied by Cobla Principal de Tarragona and Amics de la Sardana de Cambrils, the Sardana Dance will take place. With the arrival of the flame, the reading of the manifesto will take place and then the traditional bonfire will be lit. To top it all off, sweeten yourself with sugar coca and sweet wine, available to everyone who attends.   


Reus has organised a number of cultural and popular events for this Sunday, June 23, as part of its Sant Pere festival, which is celebrated during the last few days of the month. At 6 p.m., the city flag will be raised at the highest point of the bell tower. Later, you can enjoy the folkloric parade of the giant Carrasclet, on the occasion of the Day of the Catalan Countries, at the Reus Town Hall.    

That same evening, at 8.30 p.m., you can watch the reading of the manifesto and the lighting of the bonfire in Plaça de la Llibertat. For all those party-goers who love music and giving it their all on the dance floor, Reus will have the Barracas de Festa Major in Parc de la Festa. 

Relax on the beach   

 If you fancy a quiet plan with your family and friends, another way to enjoy this night is to have a dinner on the beach, under the moonlight. This way, you will be able to have a more intimate atmosphere that suits your tastes. Here we are going to mention the best beaches in the area:   

  • Cala Forn in L'Ametlla de Mar  

Cala Forn is considered one of the best coves in L'Ametlla de Mar, it is ideal for snorkelling, as it has a great diversity of marine fauna. With an extension of only 100 metres, this small cove will captivate you with its crystalline waters and its fine golden sand.   

  • Cala Penya Tallada in Salou   

Cala Penya Tallada is located in the heart of Salou. It stands out, especially, for the narrow wall of rocks that rises up on one side of the beach, defying gravity. It is surrounded by two characteristic points of the Salou coastline, Punta Roja, at one end, and Punta Prima, at the other end, from where you can admire incredible panoramic views of Cap Salou. In short, it is a beautiful cove if you fancy a romantic plan

  • Cala Fonda in Tarragona   

Popularly known as Waikiki, Cala Fonda, in Tarragona, it is considered, by many, a paradise. There are no beach bars or shops nearby, so we recommend you bring your own food and drink. It is ideal to go with children, as the waters are shallow, and the atmosphere is calm.   

As you can see, there are thousands of ways to enjoy the night of San Juan. Regardless of which one you choose, BusPlana will be at your disposal so that you can travel to Costa Dorada town of your choice, whether it be Tarragona, Reus, Salou, Vila-seca La Pineda, Cambrils or L'Ametlla de Mar. You can check the schedules of the BusPlana regular lines on our website. Remember, too, that, as we are the official airport shuttle service, you can buy the official tickets online for your transfer from Barcelona Airport to Costa Dorada


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